Bringing Neapolitan Pizza to Minnesota

We have lived in Minnesota now for 7 years. I can only imagine how my husband must miss the natural flavors of his hometown, Positano, Italy. His new home in Minnesota gives him a wonderful life, with a wife and child, and opportunities that he may not have had in Italy. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss his family, friends, lifestyle, the sea, the flavors each and every day. While we do our best to buy farmer’s market tomatoes and produce, it’s hard not to have a long growing season like in the mediterranean. However, Chef Edi has worked hard to create Positano in Minnesota, in our home. He has worked over the last 7 years to perfect, and I really mean perfect, his bread and pizza dough. He has tried different kinds of 00 flour, different types of yeast, different ways of kneading and baking. But this post is about how he has perfected his Neapolitan pizza using Caputo Flour, a Green Egg Grill and a Pizza Porta Contraption. While we are in the market for a wood fired pizza oven to fit ever so nicely in our back yard, we will do what we can to enjoy a good pizza.

This particular set of pizza was from my summer birthday. Every time he makes pizza, he creates a new flavor, and every time, they are amazingly delicious.

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