First things First... Food dictates our route

The process of planning a trip is almost as fun as the trip itself. Dreaming of the places you'll see, how you'll get there, sipping a glass of your favorite while disconnecting from work while reconnecting with your loved ones. Searching the internet, checking out trip advisor, asking your friends are all fine ways to plan your trip but what about your palate, your tastebuds. In our little family of 3, the cuisine, the flavors, the smells will define a majority of our stops in Positano, Italy and the Amalfi coast. We will really be there to visit Edy's family and reunite with loved ones but food will dictate our route most days.

Edy was born and raised in the small fishing village of Positano until we moved to Minnesota when he was in his late 30s. While it will be amazing to reunite with his family, to introduce our 13 month old to his cousins, and to share in conversation with his friends, it's the food that will lead the way. Flavors of Positano reside in my memory but my palette is anticipating what is about to happen. From the bitter sip of our first espresso at Bar Internationale to the creamy texture of the fresh mozzarella di bufalo, the fresh clean flavors of the catch of the day or the latest sweet pesto to accompany a homemade pasta dish will be our roadmap of our days ahead.

Food is an experience and an art in Italy. If only I could capture the robust and sweet smells that waft from kitchen windows on Sunday afternoons will you then realize the amazing and authentic experience that their food culture really is.

Da Adolfo, found by boat off the main beach of Positano, will be one of our first stops. We have already talked of the fresh mozzarella baked in lemon leaves, the Zuppa di cozze (mussel soup) that you eat with crispy bread while soaking up the tomatoes, the fresh platter of fish that we will order and of course whatever fresh pasta dish they have that day. It will be a few hours worth of eating, laughing, and drinking. Enjoying the flavors of what we've missed since our last visit. I try quickly to capture each image, before I settle in to savoring each dish, as a way to remember the way food should really taste.

Be sure to scroll through the gallery of photos above to discover the foods of Da Adolfo.

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