About Me

I often see the world in still images or snapshots of memories.  These memories tell a story, describe feelings, emotions, questions and momentary struggles.  The viewer may not know what story they hold or what emotions they mean for me, but instead the viewer might be brought to a place of wonder, curiosity, or their own nirvana. I yearn for a life of passion, a life of color, a life of meaning.  I work daily to achieve that and this "Photo journal" is another way for ME to use my creativity and express my passion.  

What will you find on this blog you ask?  You will find wonderful imperfect images created by me, you will find stories, you will find photos of delicious food and how it's created and hopefully you will be taken to a place of beauty yourself.  I will eventually introduce you to my sommelier, Chef of a husband as he shares his recipes and their history that will surely make your mouth water. 

A bit about the name, From Chianti to Kismet.  As a 4th generation Italian American (so basically American), I always was so intrigued by my family's customs, words, food dishes and history that it drove me to want to return to the "homeland"- Italy.  So after many trips to Italy and loving each one, I found myself in the Florence area doing what made me passionate, photography, editing, and writing.  It is in that place that I struggled and blossomed.  Over glasses of Chianti or any delicious wine, I discovered that I was ok, no matter where life took me.  Little did I know that one week later I would stumble upon my very own KISMET.  I found my fate.  That isn't where the story ends though, when finding fate, it really is just the beginning.  So this blog will trace some of those steps of finding Edy, of creating a life together that is often celebrated with beauty, food, wine and now a wonderful little.  So you will find a bit of everything here and a bit of nothing and a bit of beauty.  Enjoy your experience. 

Jennifer Cucurullo: